"I have been going to spiritual direction for the last five years and it has been a true gift. At first, I didn't really know what the sessions were going to look like, but I stepped in. I met Renee at my first session and immediately felt safe in the space that she was providing. Over the years, Renee has really walked with me in this process of deconstructing these false God images that were damaging to my heart and sense of self. Spiritual direction has given me the space to really dig deep into my heart and open myself up more to Jesus and follow in His ways. Not only has Renee given me the safe space to process, but she has given me tools that I can walk away with and use in my day to day walk with the Lord. I can see how much I have truly grown and gained from investing time in being with Renee for spiritual direction. I continue to see God in new ways, through the dark and light times, and am thankful for this resource of direction that has helped me be more honest with God and myself."       

-M.D. from Tustin

 "After a devastating loss, I knew that I had to pursue God for He would be my Comfort; but I didn’t want to talk to Him.  I was profoundly disappointed in Him.  Spiritual direction has been a guide and a means of slowly renewing my relationship with the Lord.  That the Lord “knows my frame, He is mindful that I’m just dust” has been reassuring as His patience and love are tenderly revealed during our sessions."

-T.D. from Texas

“I have been meeting with Renee for the past few months and I am so incredibly thankful to have found her. Even in such a short span, she has helped me grow so much. Time and conversations with her have helped deepen and ground my faith and my relationship with God, have brought insight and gentle perspective to relationships and my understanding of my own self, and have given me tools to approach life in a more full and centered way. She is an amazing listener—sensitive, empathetic, truthful, and wise. And she is so knowledgeable and gracious; I never feel restricted in what I can talk about with her. She is ready and willing to work through anything, no matter how big or small the situation. I highly recommend her to anyone considering a faith based aproach to life-coaching/ spiritual direction!”

-K.W. from Biola University

“ I've attended 2 retreats held by Renee. She is super gracious and opened her super cute home to us in the beautiful beach city of San Clemente! My friends & I had a great time connecting with each other and felt like we learned a lot about ourselves while taking time to relax, rest, and restore our souls. I would definitely go to another retreat that Renee held!”

-E.K from Long Beach

“This is for anyone who wants to grow. It's basically counseling your relationship with God. Her approach guides you to see what God is doing in your life. It's a place for you to come as you are and learn skills that will change your life. You'll get to know yourself more and gradually grow into your true self. Coming to see Renee is one of the best things that has happened in my life. Your self-awareness grows. You learn to process your emotions. You learn to open up to God and allow God to change things you've tried super hard but haven't been able to change. Sometimes change just happens because you've learned to invite God into everything you're going through.”

-T. E. from Irvine

"I started Spiritual Direction with Renee during a difficult season of doubt in my walk with the Lord. Since then, Spiritual Direction has been an unyielding source of light in my life. I now count it among the most valuable tools I have for entering more intimately into my relationship with God. Renee offers perspective and guidance that leads me to experience God's love in profound ways and has helped me grow in my confidence in who He has uniquely created me to be. God has used her influence to shape my path as I journey deeper into my relationship with Him."

-J.V. from Montana

“Renee has been a steady hand to hold through one of my deepest valleys. With every session she meets me where I'm at and gently guides me toward the truth of who God is and who I am in Him. Renee is gifted with wisdom, exudes kindness, and when you're lucky..she brings her dog along for the fun!”

-A.D.C. from Biola University