“Thousands of tired, nerve-shaken, over-civilized people are beginning to find out that going to the mountains is going home; that wilderness is a necessity”    -John Muir


It is imperative for us to seek intentional self care or else we will become agitated human doings! Doesn’t it sound good to break away from life’s daily tasks, in order to reconnect more deeply with ourselves? When I used to think about going on a retreat, it often felt as an extrovert like it would be a solemn experience! I have often found that retreats can be varied experiences sometimes filled with more solitude to contemplate and look deeper because all of our ‘props’ so to speak are out of the way, the things we lean into daily that keep us from going inward. On the other hand, a retreat can be a place to connect deeply with others who inspire you on your journey towards holistic growth. A part of my Masters degree specialized in retreat planning. I love incorporating what is life giving into your retreat experience, whether it be Yoga, hiking, or reading, let's create a retreat that will nourish YOU! 

Individual Retreats  

 The individual personalized retreats typically are 1-3 days long. This is a time to be reflective, slow down, eat well, hopefully sleep well, and perhaps spend some time in nature or wherever you tend to feel safe!

Group Retreats

Group retreats are designed for Non-profits, Start-ups, Groups of girlfriends, who want to come together to build deeper relationships, find rest, and connect more deeply with each other as a small community.

Spiritual Exercises: Retreat in Daily Life

This is an intentional retreat in daily life that provides structure daily to connect through contemplation and reflection. The 19th annotation, is a version of the Spiritual Exercises designed for people who can not be away for 30 days to do the