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You Are Invited To A Soul Care Day Retreat! APRIL 14TH // Settling into HOPE

  • Renee Michelle 405 Avenida Santa Barbara San Clemente, CA, 92672 United States (map)

Do you ever feel like you have so many things to do and so many people to tend to...oh and there's that thing called work, or parenting, or maybe work is soul draining...and you just want to be refreshed? Do you ever feel like when is that monkey of guilt going to get off my back? From the moment we wake up many times we feel like there's so much we need to get 'done'

With Easter coming, what would it be like to really live into the meaning of Easter.... You know, not just focusing on how you'll serve at church or that family gathering with ham where inevitably there might be some weird family dynamics...wouldn't it be great to not just prepare our hearts for Easter, but be with our teacher Jesus in what the gift of Easter is...Death and Life...isn't this the cycle we see all around us and experience in little ways and big ways but don't have time to really sit down and give our hearts the due time they need?

There are SO many mini deaths we experience from hopes of a relationship remaining strong and that expectation dying or relationship changing, to being disillusioned by a job to finding new life through creating a new career...and the list goes on and on! Isn't Easter showing us we can let some things go...allowing parts of our heart to be resurrected that need it, finding new life where their is pain, worry, fear...allowing aha moments to come...remembering that pain doesn't need to destroy us but can change us?

Yes, Sometimes we just need to pause and re-set. With Easter approaching, let's settle into a retreat with our Lord and explore areas we may want to cultivate more 'life'. Easter brings the awareness of hope. Come open, ready to receive and give. Come be with a tribe of people that are like-minded...that want rest, their soul nourished, and to re-find themselves with their Lord in the midst of a crazy busy world that doesn't necessarily value human beings as much as human doings.

I know the word 'deserve' can trigger some people...but honestly, when your cup is drained you got notta to give to others. 

Join me for a mini retreat...YOU deserve for your heart to be nourished! 

                    Invitation to a mini Retreat…

                                Settling into Hope

If your soul needs rest and a time to re-set please join us

Sunday, April 14, 2019

9:00 am to 5:00pm

Cost per Person $95 includes breakfast, materials, lunch that is organic and nourishing to the body, drinks, snacks.    Limit of 6 participants. Scholarship available.

 To reserve your spot, please RSVP to Renee as soon as possible.

Place:   Private Residence in San Clemente 92672

RSVP to Renee Baffert @  //  562 506-3563

Cancellation policy:If you need to cancel, please contact me before March 6th. No refund is available one week before the event date.

Facilitated by Renee Baffert (M.A., Spiritual Formation/ Soul Care),  we will put all other things aside and help you just “be” with the Lord for this mini retreat - trusting He will give you exactly what you need for the journey. 

What you will need for the retreat: a journal, comfortable clothes,  willingness to engage in active listening and share if it feels comfortable.   

What will our mini retreat look like? A time of reflection and contemplation, solitude, group sharing. A part of this retreat there will be the choice of solitude in Renee's outdoor area, a grassy area/beach/garden area near Renee's home (Renee lives a very short walking distance from these spots). There will be chairs, blankets,  sunscreen.